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Sundarbans – The Magical Mangrove Forest

The Sundarbans is a vast forest considered one of the natural wonders of the world and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bangladesh. It is also recognized as a Ramsar Site of ecological importance. The largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sundarbans is a mist-shrouded, river-riddled swamp region of shifting tides, man-eating tigers and off-the-beaten-track adventure. It’s surrounded on three sides by two of the most densely populated countries on earth – India and Bangladesh – yet it remains remote, inhospitable and largely uninhabited by people. This is truly wild terrain, and chug-chugging along its river channels into its swampy heart of darkness is as thrilling as it is serene.

The site is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant mangrove forests and presents an excellent example of ongoing ecological processes. The dominant mangrove species Heritiera fomes is locally known as sundari. Sundarbans is also well-known for its Royal Bengal Tiger that makes home in this dense and muddy forest. Sundarbans honey is famous for its unique test which is harvested from the hives by the locals. The forests and waterways are also home to thousands of deer, monkeys, dozens of species of birds, crocodile, snakes and are the last stronghold for the critically endangered Gangetic river dolphin.

The tour offers a lot of exploration while you visit the world’s biggest mangrove delta, apart from the wildlife; you see the culture and tradition of these earthy people of Sundarbans. Activities offered during the tour: Exploring narrow creeks by silent country boat and observing wildlife up close, walking on the beautiful, unspoiled sandy beaches along the Bay of Bengal, Trekking through the mangrove forest and Bird-watching. Sundarban is an ultimate adventure tour experience on cruise to the heart of the Sundarbans in search of tigers and the other wildlife of this incredible place.


Sundarbans –  Weekend Group Tour Package Includes:

– Dhaka to Khulna Non-AC Bus/Rail Transport

– Accommodation inside the Forest with exclusive tourist Vessel and

– Sightseeing with Small country boat to make trips inside small canals/creeks as per itinerary.

– Forest fees, permission & armed forest guard from the forest department.

– All meals (Breakfast + Snacks + Lunch + Snacks + Dinner + BBQ) on Cruise

– Local Guide & Forest Security Guard with Arms.



Nilkomol Range (Hiron Point & Nilkomol Forest Area), Dublar Char

Katka Range (Katka Forest Office, Tiger Point, Jamtala Sea-beach), Kachikhali,


Tour Itinerary

Night-1: Dinner (No)

Overnight journey to Khulna from Dhaka by Train (Non AC)

Day-1: Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Start journey for Sundarban by Ship. We’ll arrive at Harbaria in the afternoon. In the late afternoon after sightseeing at Harbaria overnight stay at kotka forest station On Ship

Day-2: Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Early in the morning we shall offer trip through small creeks and canals by country boat to see the wildlife and feel the forest from very close at Kotka wildlife sanctuary and upon arrival we will offer activities including; forest walk, enjoy the beach walk and sunbathing, Jungle walk at Jamtala Beach. Start for Dubla Island by Ship and Visit Dubla Island.  After Lunch visit Hiron Point and Start for Koromjol. Overnight stay at Koromjol forest station.

Day-3: Breakfast (Yes) | Lunch (Yes) | Dinner (Yes)

Early in the morning we shall offer trip through Koromjol Crocodile Planet and Start return journey for Khulna.

Night-04: Dinner (Yes)

Overnight journey from Khulna to Dhaka by Bus (Non AC)


Food Menu:

  • Toast, Jelly, Batter, Egg omlet/fry, Sundarban honey.
  • Buna khichuri, Egg mali curry, Brinjal fry, Pickle, Salad.
  • Porota, mixed vegetable, Dal vuna, egg omlet/fry, Sundarban honey, Salad.
Morning Snack:
  • Apple(1p), Banana Biscuits, (Tea Available.)
  • Orange(1p), Banana, Biscuits (Tea Available.)
  • Apple(1p) Banana,biscuits, (Tea Available.).
  • Plain rice, Potato mash, Mixed vegetable, Fish fry, Mutton rezala, Dal, Salad.
  • Plain rice, Brinjal mash, Mixed vegetable, Fish fry, Chicken curry, Thick dal, Salad.
  • Plain rice, Potato mash, Mixed vegetable, Sea Fish fry, Fish curry, Thick dal, Salad.
Evening Snack:
  • Noodles,Sos,Salad & (Tea Available)
  • Flower Chop, Sos,Salad & (Tea Available)
  • pakura(2Pieces.), salad,Sos & (Tea Available)
  • Plain polau, Brinjal fry, Chicken rost, Dal vuna, Salad, Soft Drinks.
  • Special BBQ Dinner: Special Porota, Chinese vegetable, Chicken BBQ,Rasiyan Salad, Soft Drinks.
  • Morog polau, with Egg Salad, Soft Drinks.


Necessary Information:

Package Cost excludes: Entry and Stay Fees of Foreign Participants (6000 BDT/Person)

Tourists must follow all the rules and regulations of Forest Department

Circumstances might be changed any time considering the ever-changing scenario as well as situation.


Things to Carry:

(1)Windbreaker / raincoat / umbrella (2) Snicker shoes for walking. (3) Hat / Cap for Sun protection. (4) Sun-burn lotion & insects spray. (5) Binoculars (6) Camera & films (7) Toothpaste & tooth brush (8) Towels (9) Bath soap (10.) Emergency medicines (11) flash light.